The Team

Marrying history, social justice, and cutting-edge digital research methods requires a diverse team. The project team is predominantly from the UNC University Libraries but is heavily interdisciplinary and relies on experts in African American history, special collections, digital research, data analysis, and data visualization. Additionally, we consulted with experts in information science, legal information, optical character recognition, and text analysis. This list includes all team members, past and present.

Project Team

Lorin Bruckner, Text Analysis and Visualization Expert (UNC Libraries)
Neil Byers, Research Assistant (UNC Libraries)
Sarah Carrier, Content Expert and Outreach (UNC Libraries)
Rucha Dalwadi, Research Assistant (UNC Libraries)
James Dick, Graduate Assistant (UNC Libraries)
Shuang Du, Graduate Assistant (UNC Libraries)
Grant Glass, Graduate Assistant (UNC Libraries)
Amanda Henley, Principal Investigator and Project Lead (UNC Libraries)
Hannah Jacobs, Graduate Assistant (UNC Libraries)
Matt Jansen, Co-Principal Investigator, Text Analysis Expert, and Statistician (UNC Libraries)
Nathan Kelber, Senior Advisor (JSTOR Labs)
Brianna Nuñez, Project Manager (UNC Libraries)
Rolando Rodriguez, Graduate Assistant (UNC Libraries)
Steve Segedy, Website Developer (UNC Libraries)
Kimber Thomas, African American Studies Scholar
Morgan Wilson, History Scholar

Advisory Board

María R. Estorino, Executive Sponsor and Liaison to the Library Leadership Team (UNC Libraries)
Aaron Kirschenfeld, Digital Initiatives Librarian (UNC Libraries)
Thomas Padilla, Sr. Director of Collections, Technology, and Partnerships (Center for Research Libraries)
William Sturkey, Disciplinary Scholar (UNC Department of History)

Student Workers (UNC Libraries)

Niajah Clark, Montana Eck, Julia Long, Carlos Massana, Amber McLane, Ashley Mullikin, Siri Nallaparaju, Junye Ou, Tim Oyeleke, Jenna Patton, Taylor Rawlins, and Mary Watson​

Additional Project Consultants and Collaborators

Daniel Anderson, Professor for Pilot Project
Paul Bonnici, Manager, Carolina K-12
Ryan Cordell, OCR Specialist and author of A Research Agenda for Historical and Multilingual Optical Character Recognition
Kristen Foote, Research Assistant and Lead for Pilot Project
Anna Goslen, Metadata Librarian
Christie Norris, Director, Carolina K-12
Ryan Shaw, Information Science Expert

The On the Books website is a product of a digital scholarship project and will not be maintained in perpetuity. The site will be reviewed December 31, 2024. Depending on use, funding, and maintenance required, the site may be decommissioned and archived at that time. The text corpora created for this project will be preserved in the Carolina Digital Repository.
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