1927 public laws – Ch.165 Sec.1

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That Anson Bailey, of Harnett County; J. Manning Chase, Nancy Anna Waldrop, C. C. Young, Mary E. Haydock and George W. Connor, of Henderson County; Emma Abbott, of Currituck County; Abbie Henderson, Mrs. Neil Leach, M. W. Hines, of Montgomery County; W. H. Miller, of Hertford County; Sam Wilkins, of Gates County; D. B. Caviness, Margaret A. Vick, T. H. Caviness, Mrs. A. E. Monroe, Margaret McAskill, Elizabeth Smith Gardner, Nora Lawhorn, Mary L. Sheffield and Mrs. J. B. Clark, of Moore County; Mrs. Finetty Edwards, of Yancey County; Sam Nelson, J. A. McDade and Fannie Ratcliffe, of Orange County; Mrs. Snow, widow of Steven Snow, Andrew Jackson Smith and Nannie Odell, of Rockingham County; Nancy E. Pinion, of Richmond County; Hannah Lowdermilk, of Randolph County; Mrs. J. A. Rector, of Burke County; M. N. Bissett, of Nash County; Mrs. Lizzie Dark, Mary Kirkman, of Chatham County; J. M. Yates, J. A. Pinnix and Mrs. V. A. Wilson, of Caswell County; W. H. Norris and Levi Green, of Watauga County; J. M. Stanley, of Brunswick County; Mary Jane Lowery, of Yadkin County; John A. Kennerly and William M. Deal, of Iredell County; Mrs. McCartha Smithwick, Mrs. Sue Smithwick, Mrs. Georgie Sallinger and Lizzie Cherry, of Bertie County; G. W. Shepherd, Marshall Baker and Cicero Darnell, of Ashe County; Rebecca Aycock and Lenora Stegall, of Union County; Martha J. Dillard, of Jackson County; R. T. Cratch, Sr., of Beaufort County; Catherine Taylor Hill, of Beaufort County; Zulieka Coghill, of Vance County; Ida Morgan and H. P. Grubb, of Rowan County; Nancy V. Thompson of Columbus County; Rebecca Brown, Etta Hazelton, Martha B. Elks, J. L. Moore, Martha A. Pierce, Nicey Bailey, Mary E. Ward and Fannie Ward Andrews, of Pitt County; John Finch of Nash County; Allie Bell of Cherokee County; Mrs. Missouri Laughter Freeman of Warren County; George W. Beeker of Davidson County; Ruth Brubaker of Yadkin County; Julia Ellen Malpass of Pender County; Mary Jane Wilson, of Davie County; Nancy Styron, of Pamlico County; Mollie Perry of Perquimans County; Naomi McCall, Hettie Owen, Alice Jones, Sarah Cisson, of Transylvania County; Mrs. Gergiana Rash of Johnston County; Mrs J. L. Thomason of Swain County; Martha Jane Sutton of Wayne County; Mrs. Lillie Johnson of Clay County; Ann C. Wade and Martha Childress, of Person County; Martha D. Long and William Thomas Jones, of Martin County, Cornelia Carlton and Mrs. V. N. Seawell of Duplin County; Mary Hinson, of Columbus County; Sallie Huffstickler, of Cleveland County; Mrs. Annie B. Mitchener of Franklin County; E. B. Gunter, of Wake County; Austin Allen and L. C. Perkinson, of Warren County; Mrs. J. (G. McCall of Transylvania County; G. F. Brock of Graham County; Mrs. Annie Taylor of Northampton County; Mrs. Sallie . Long of Caswell County; K. J. Carpenter, A. H. McDaniel, A. C. | Higgins, Dr. Romeo Hicks, J. M. Goode, John Edgerton, Isaac ] Hollifield, C. S. Lynch, E. E. Jones, E. M. Morgan, B. W. Free- 1man, Littlejohn Kennedy, A. N. Wall, D. M. Arrowood, Home (Guards, J. H. Crawford, J. L. Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, I Mrs. Jane Padgett, Mrs. Minerva Wilkes, Mrs. M. E. Crow, Hrs. Susan Frady, Mrs. Jennie Callahan, Mrs. Maggie Womack, 1 Mrs. Martha B. Harrell, Mrs. M. Bridges, Mrs. Jane Brackett, 1 Mrs. Katie Flack, Mrs. Mary Hyder, Mrs. Celia Taylor, Mrs. (Callie Wilson, Mrs. Jane White, Mrs. Maggie Trout, all of 1 Rutherford County; Mrs. Fannie I. Perry, of Bertie County; LRaspberry Wood, of Jackson County; Mattie Wilkerson, of (Catawba County; Mrs. Annie Eliza Huggins, Brunswick County; tthat Hardy J. Stokes, Mrs. Lanie Skinner, Mrs. Mary E. Stocks, Mrs. Sallie King, Mrs. Hattie Stokes, Mrs. Lydia C. Gardner, Mrs. Mary E. Crawford, Mrs. Nannie Little, Mrs. Clara Ann [Davis, all of Pitt County; Mr. R. H. W. Barker, of Lincoln (County; Mrs. Eva Jones, of Wayne County; Mrs. Callie Hardin, sof Ashe County, be and are hereby placed on the pension roil for their respective counties, in the fourth class: Provided, that ithe names of those placed upon the pension roll, either by virtue lof this or any special act during the session of one thousand inine hundred and twenty-seven, be referred to the State Board of Pensions, which shall have full power to investigate and to remove from said pension roll any one who in their judgment should be removed for any cause: Provided, further, all pensions hereby allowed and provided for shall be payable only after investigation and report by the local county pension boards to the effect that each of said applicants is in fact an ex-Confederate veteran or the wife of such, and is entitled to a pension under the general pension laws of the State.

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