1876/77 public laws – Ch. 162 Sec. 31

Source: model and expert

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The county board of education of every county shall, on the first Monday of September of each year, or as soon thereafter as practicable, apportion among the several districts in the county, according to the number of children in each, between the ages cf six and twentyone years, (which number shall be ascertained by a census to be taken by the schoo] committees and reported to the county board of education) all school funds, specifying how much thereof is apportioned to the children of each race, and give notice thereof to the school committees of the several districts of the county, and shall pub lish the same by an advertisement posted on the courthouse door of each county, and furnish the county treasurer with the amounts thus apportioned among the several school districts aud the amount that each district is entitled to. The sums thus apportioned to the several districts shall be subject to the orders of the school committees thereof for payment of the school expenses mentioned in this act. Provided, however, that in no case shall the school fund thus apportioned to either race be expended for the education of the other race. And provided further, that so much of said school fund as shall not be expended in any school district for the education ofthe race for which it was apportioned in any year, shall be added to the final apportionment to said race in said school districts for the succeeding year.

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