1881 public laws – Ch. 141 Sec. 5

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CHAPTER 141 AN ACT TO CARRY INTO EFFECT CERTAIN PROVISIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE IN REGARD TO THE UNIVER. SITY. WHEREAS, The constitution of this state, by section sixth, chapter ninth, provides that the general assembly shall have authority to provide for the maintenance and management of the University of North Carolina; AND WHEREAS, By article ninth and section seventh of the constitution, it is made the duty of the general assem- bly, as soon as practicable, to provide that the benefits of the University shall be extended to the youth of the state free of charge for tuition ; AND WHEREAS, By article ninth, section fourteenth of the constitution, it is made the duty of the general assem- bly to establish and maintain in connection with the University, a department of agriculture, of mechanics, of mining and of normal instruction ; AND WHEREAS, Twelve years having elapsed since the adoption of the foregoing provisions of the constitu- tion, in the opinion of the general assembly, it is now practicable, and it therefore becomes their duty to the extent hereinafter mentioned, to carry the same into effect ; : AND WHEREAS, An efficient system of public schools cannot be obtained without competent teachers for the same, and it is of vast importance to the well-being of the state that its young men of all pursuits shall be able to secure the advantages of higher education as cheaply as possible ; therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the state board of education be directed to establish other normal schools than thosg at Fayetteville and the University, and that the sum of two thousand dollars per annum is hereby appropriated for such schools for white teachers, and the sum of two thonsand dollars for such schools for colored teachers authorized by this act, in addition to the appropriation heretofore made for normal schools: Provided, however, That the number of schools shall not be less than four for each color.

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