1883 public laws – Ch. 148 Sec. 1

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CHAPTER 148 An act to provide for local assessments in aid of public schools, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact :

That upon written petition, signed by ten white voters of any school district for white children, or by a like number of colored voters of any school district for colored children, it shall be the duty of the board of county commissioners wherein such district is located, to post a notice, signed by their chairman, at three public places in such district, notifying the white or colored tax payers, as the case may be, that they will be heard at the next regular meeting of said board as to submitting to the voters the levying and collecting an assessment in such district in aid of the public school in said district. At said meeting the board shall hear a]l persons who map desire to be heard, and shal} decide whether the question shall be submitted to the said voters or not; and if they decide to submit the question to the voters, they shall also decide what per cent., not exceeding twenty-five cents on the hundred dollars valuation of property and seventy-five cents on the poll, shall be collected on property and the amount on polls respectively, and shall issue a written order, signed by the chairman of said board, to the school committee of such district, to submit to the qualified white or colored voters of such district, as the case may be, whether an annual assessment shall be levied and collected therein for the support of the public school in said district for the white children, or for the colored children, as the case may be. Said committee shall give thirty days wrilten or printed notice of the time and place at which said election shall be held, and the said notice shall be posted at three public places in said district. Said committee, or a majority of them, after being sworn by a justice of the peace, shall open the 15 polls, hold said election, eount the votes and shall report to the board of county commissicners at their next regular meeting after said election the result thereof. ach voter shall deposit a ballot, upon which shall be written or printed the word assessment or the words no assessment; and said election shall be held and conducted in all other respects under the same rules, regulations and penalties as are prescribed for the election of members of the general assembly.

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