1883 public laws – Ch. 192 Sec. 8

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CHAPTER 192 An act to establish graded schools in Wilson township, Wi!son county. T he General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The board of trustees for the graded school for the white children, and the board of trustees for the graded school for the colored children, shall at the first regular meeting after the establishment of said schools, and annually thereafter, elect a treasurer of the respective schools.. Tie person so elected shall execute a bond, with at least three sureties, who shall justify before the clerk of the superior court of Wilson county, and be approved by the president of the board of trustees of the school for which he shall have been elected, in an amount double ihe amount of tax levied for such school. The said bond shall be payable to the state of North Carolina and conditioned for the payment of and accounting for all money or other property which shall come into his hands as treasurer. The said bond shall be filed in the office of the register of deeds of Wilson county as other official bonds, and in the event of a breach of the conditions thereof,@n action may be prosecuted by the board of trustees of the school of which the person giving such bord is treasurer.

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