1885 public laws – Ch. 51 Sec. 4

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CHAPTER 51 An to provide for separate schools for Croatan Indians in Robeson county. Wuersas, the Indians now living in Robeson county claim to be descendants of a friendly tribe who once re- sided in eastern North Carolina on the Roanoke river, known as the Croatan Indians; therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact :

The treasurer and other proper authorities, whose duties it is to collect, keep and apportion the school fund, shall procure from the county board of education the number of children in said county between the ages of six and twenty-one, belonging to said Indian race, and shall set apart and keep separate their pro rata share of said school funds, which shall be paid out upon the same rules in every respect as are provided in general school law: Provided, that where any children, descendants of Indians as aforesaid, shall reside in any district in which there are no schools, as provided in this chapter, the same shall have the right to attend any of the public schools in said county provided for their race, and shall be allowed to draw their share of public school fund upon the certificate of the school committee in the district in which they reside, stating that they have thus removed and are entitled to attend public schools.

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