1885 public laws – Ch. 7 Sec. 4

Source: model and expert

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CHAPTER 7 An Act to establish the Edenton Graded School. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact ;

That said board shall be custodian of all public school property for the white race of said district, and all unexpended public school money which has been apportioned or collected for the white race of said school district under the general laws of the state not applicable to contracts heretofore legally made, and all of which shall hereafter from time to time be so collected or apportioned, shall be applied for keeping up said graded school under the orders and directions of said board, and the treasurer of Chowan county shall pay out the same on the orders of said board, approved and signed by its president and secretary ; but no order shall be given on the county treasurer until the service or property for which it is given has been furnished in full, and the public school funds appropriated to said school shall be drawn from the county treasury at the rate of one-tenth thereof for each month the school may have been in operation.

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