1889 public laws – Ch. 362 Sec. 1

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CHAPTER 362 [An] act to prohibit the sale of spirituous liquors within certain localities. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That it shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of, with a view to remuneration, any spirituous liquors, wines or medicated bitters, or any other liquors or substance by whatsoever name it may be called which produces or may produce intoxication, within two -2 miles of the following places: Ashe county.Healing Springs Baptist church, Bethel church, Union Baptist church, Red Hill school-house, Little Lautel Methodist church, Baptist church at Three Forks, Methodist church at Arnold school-house, Mount Pleasant Baptist church, Southerland seminary and chapel, Brushy Fork M. E. church, in Ashe county. Alamance.Long Chapel church, Crossroad Presbyterian church, Fairview Methodist Protestant church, Hawfields Presbyterian church; and within one mile of the village church at Haw River, Alamance county. Alexander.Stony Point M. E. church, Macedonia Baptist church, Salem Evangelical Lutheran church, in Alexander county. Burke.Bouldings M. E. church, Abees chapel (Baptist church), McL, Raths A. M. E. camp-ground, Willow Tree A. M. E. church, in Burke county. Beaufort.Trinity church, Chocowinity precinct, in Beaufort county. Bertie.Indian Woods Baptist church, Indian Gallows (white) school-house, Cedar Landing, Sandy Run Baptist church, St. Francis Church of the Disciples, district 54, white race, Bertie county. Columbus.Hebron M. E. church, Bogue Chapel Baptist church, Shiloh M. E. church, Fair Bluff M. E. church, Fair Bluff Baptist church. Fair Bluff high school, Porters Swamp Baptist church, Salem Colored Baptist church, in Columbus county. Caldwell.Laurel Hill Buffalo Baptist church, Harris chapel, in Caldwell county. Cumberland.Hope Mills church, the Episcopal church in Hope Mills village, Cumberland county. Clay.Pine Log Baptist church, in Clay county. Cleveland.Union Baptist church, in Cleveland county. Chatham.Osgood church, Hickory Mountain Baptist church, Bells Baptist church, Ebenezer M. E. church, Sandy Branch Baptist church and Merry Oaks Baptist church, in Chatham county. Cherokee.Liberty church, Notly Baptist church, Shoal Creek church, in Cherokee county. Carteret.Morehead City, in Carteret county. Catawba.Smyrna German Reformed church, in Catawba county. Duplin.Faison academy. Durham.Fletcher Chapel M. E. church; Robinsoa Grove Baptist church, Bethsaidia Baptist church, in Durham county. Franklin.New Hope Christian church, in Franklin county. Granville.Banks chapel and Union (colored) Concord church, South Union African M. E. church; and within one mile of Bullock M. E. church and Corinth Baptist church, in Granville county. Guilford.Goshen M. E. church, in Guilford county. Greene.Grimsly Baptist church, Lebanon M. E. church, Free Union church, Hookerton Collegiate Institute, New Berne Baptist church, Mount Hermon M. E. Church, South, in Greene county. Gates.Eureka Baptist church, Methodist Episcopal church, Parkers Methodist church, in Gates county. Gaston.Mount Tabor Baptist church, Long Creek Presbyterian church, in Gaston county. Haywood.Lines Creek Methodist Episcopal church, in Haywood county. Harnett.Cokesbury Methodist church, in Harnett county. Hertford.Bethlehem Baptist church, in Hertford county. Hyde.Shadesville M. E. church, Rusk academy and Elm Grove seminary; Christian church at Swan Quarter, Soules M. EB. church near Lake Comfort, Amity M. E. church, M. E. church at Mount Pleasant, M. E. church, Englehard, Christian church at Springfield, Baptist church near Stencil House, M. E. church at Fairfield, Christian church at New Laurel, Neals chapel, St. Johns Episcopal church at Makelyville, in Hyde county. & Iredell._New Bethany Baptist church, Sharon Lutheran church, Granite Hill village, Shiloh Presbyterian church in Shiloh township, Bethlehem M. E. church, _Connolley s Chapel Methodist church, in Tredell county. Johnston.Corinth M. E. church, Clydes chapel, New Hope and Antioch churches, in Johnston county. Jones.Friendship Baptist church, in Jones county. Moore.Union Presbyterian church, Presbyterian church at Cameron, Manly Baptist church, Sanford M. E. church, in Moore county. McDowell.Capernaum M. E. church, Carson Chapel M. E. church, Dysartsville Baptist church, Murphys chapel, New River academy, Ebenezer and Salem churches, Bethel and Bethlehem M. E. churches, Cherry Springs and Bethlehem Baptist churches, Salem M. E. church, View Mountain school-house, in McDowell county. Mecklenburg.Derita school-house in Mallards Creek township, public school-house in school district No. 27, Long Creek township, Mecklenburg county. Madison.Grapevine Baptist church, each and every church in No. 2, Sheton Laurel township, Madison county. Macon.M. EK. church andWatauga Baptist church, in Macon county. Nash.Hilliards Chapel M. P. church, Rehobeth Missionary Baptist church, Sharon M. E. church, in Nash county: Provided, the prohibition in Nash county is not to extend into or operate to prevent the sale of liquors in Halifax county. Orange.Bethany Christian church, Mount Moriah Baptist church, in Orange county. Pender.Lake Chapel Baptist church, in Pender county Person.Bethel Baptist church and high school and Bethany Baptist church, in Person county. Rutherford._Mountain Creek Baptist church, in Rutherford county. Rowan.Oak Grove M. E. church, Ebenezer M. E. church, Christian Evangelical Lutheran church, Eureka Lodge 213, in Rowan county. Rockingham.Lowes M. E. church, Protestant M. E. church, Troy M. E. church, in Rockingham county: Provided, that the incorpora-tion of Troy’M. E. church in Rockingham county shall not interfere with the corporation of the town of Grogansville, in said county. Richmond.Baptist church in Roberdel, M. E. church in Roberdel, the M. E., Presbyterian and Baptist churches in Mineral Springs. township, in Richmond county. Stanly.Mineral Springs Baptist church, in Stanly county. Stokes.Stokesburg M. E. church, Stokes county. Surry.Pilot Mountain academy, in Surry county. Swain.Bryson Baptist church in Bryson City, Whittier M. E.. church in Whittier, Swain county. Tyrrell.Sharon church, in Tyrrell county. Union.A. M. E. Zion church, in Union county. Wake.Baptist church at Rolesville, Wakefield Classical and. Mathematical school, Olive Baptist church, White Stone church, Beulah Christian church, Hepzibah Baptist church, Auburn Alliance: No. 41, school-house in St. Marys township, Olive Branch church, Sydney Chapel M. E. church, Midway Baptist church, in Wake county.. Watauga.Friendship M. E. church, Union Baptist church, Thomas school-house and Thomas chapel, Austins school-house, Antioch Baptist church, Mount Pleasant Lutheran church, Brushy Fork Baptist church, Cove Creek Baptist church, Hatfield Mount Calvary Baptist church, in Watauga county. Wayne.Whitehall school-house and Whitehall Presbyterian church, in Wayne county. Warren.Mt. Auburn Christian church, in Warren county. This prohibition in Warren not to extend into Halifax county. Wilson.Ashpen Grove Free-Will church, in Wilson county. Yadkin.Cross Roads Missionary Baptist church, in Yadkin county.

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