1893 private laws – Ch. 84 Sec. 1

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CHAPTER 8&4, An act to amend chapter two hundred and forty-three -243 of the private laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and the charter of the city of Raleigh. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That section two -2 of chapter two hundred and fortythree -243 of the private laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-one be amended as follows: Add to the end of said section two -2 the following: The tract of land conveyed to the city of Raleigh by R. S. Pullen, Esquire, by deed dated March the twenty-second, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, as recorded in book ninety-five, page four hundred and sixty-three, register of deeds office of Wake county, and known as * Pullen Park, and all other territory which may be acquired by the city by purchase, or donation, or otherwise, for park purposes, and the cemetery for the burial of deceased white persons, located northeast of the city of Raleigh, known as Oakwood Cemetery, and the cemetery for the burial of deceased colored persons, located south of the city of Raleigh, known as Mount Hope Cemetery, shall also be included in | he corporate limits of the city of Raleigh, and all ordinances now in force or hereafter enacted by the board of aldermen of said city shall be applicable to the territory included in said Pullen Park or other parks, and in said cemeteries, as fully as if the said territory was embraced within the limits of the city.

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