1897 private laws – Ch. 61 Sec. 5

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CHAPTER 61 An act to incorporate The Colored Grand Lodge No. 1 of North Carolina, of the order of Knights of Pythias of N. A. S. A. E. A. and A. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The private property of the members of this corporation shall be exempt from the corporate debts of the said colored Grand Lodge, or members thereof. Sk&c. 6 That the said corporation shall have power to create, hold and disburse the funds collected from its various resources for the aid and benefit of the sick, widows or orphans, or the operation of the organization, under such rules and regulations as the said colored Grand Lodge may deem necessary to be adopted ; and said funds shall be exempt from all executions, and shall under no circumstances be liable to seizure or appropriation by any legal or equitable process for any debt or debts of its living or deceased members, and said funds shall be exempt from the laws and regulations governing insurance companies in this State.

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