1897 public laws – Ch. 255 Sec. 4

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The chapter text below is provided for context. Scroll down to see the text of the law.

CHAPTER 255 An act to establish a school for the training of colored 5 teachers. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That as soon as the institution shall have been located and the directors elected the president shall call a meeting of the directors, who shall make rules and regulations and provide for the opening of the institution: Provided, that the board of directors shall make such regulations about the admission of pupils as will not discriminate against any county as to the number of pupils allowed it, in case all applicants cannot be accommodated: Provided, further, that each county shall have representation in proportion to its colored population if it desires it, and should any county fail to avail itself of its proportionate number, the board of directors may recognize applicants from counties which already have their proportionate representation.

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