1897 public laws – Ch. 520 Sec. 9

Source: model

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CHAPTER 820 An act to provide for the support, maintenance and other purposes of the state hospital at Morganton, the North Carolina Insane Asylum at Raleigh, and the eastern hospital at Goldsboro. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

For the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of this act the board of directors of the penitentiary are hereby authorized and directed to employ, to the exclusion of any current work, any skilled labor to be found among the convicts in remodeling and arranging such portions of the penitentiary building as, after due inquiry, shall be deemed necessary to provide for the humane eare of the insane persons herein mentioned. It shall be the duty of the penitentiary authorities to provide separate quarters for the sleeping, eating and exercising of the two sexes, and also for the white and colored patients, and all insane persons in their charge shall be kept absolutely apart from the sane convicts. The physicians of the penitentiary, under the directions of the physician of the Raleigh insane asylum, as herein provided, shall be the medical superintendent of the insane wards herein provided for.

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