1899 public laws – Ch. 384 Sec. 1

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CHAPTER 384 An act to promote the comfort of travellers on railroad trains, and for other purposes. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact :

That all railroad companies and steamboat companies engaged as common carriers in the transportation of passengers for hire in the state of North Carolina other than street railways shall provide separate but equal accommodations for the white and colored races on all passenger trains and steamboats carrying passengers. Such accommodations may be furnished by railroad companies either by separate passenger cars or by compartments in passenger cars, which shall be provided by the railroads under the supervision and direction of the board of railroad commissioners or the officers succeeding to their powers: Provided, that this shall not apply to relief trains in cases of accident, to Pullman or sleeping cars or through express trains that do not stop at all stations and are not used ordinarily ae travelling from station to station, to negro servants in attendanee on their employers, to officers or guards transporting prisoners, nor to prisoners so transported. He

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