1899 public laws – Ch. 409 Sec. 8

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CHAPTER 409 An act to establish graded schools in the town of Washington. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That it shall be the duty of said board of trustees to establish graded public schools for the white and colored children of said town, and said board shall use and appropriate the funds derived from said special taxes and all other sources in such a manner as shall be just to both races, giving each equal school facilities, due regard, however, being had to the cost of establishing and maintaining the graded schools of each race. That the board of trustees provided by this act shall have entire and exclusive control of the public schools and property in the town of Washington; shall prescribe rules and regulations for their own government and the government of the schools not inconsistent with the provisions of this act; shall employ and fix the compensation of officers and teachers of the public schools, shall make an accurate census of the school population of the town as required by the general school law of the state and do all other acts that may be just and lawful in the management of the public school interests in said town: Provided, that ali children resident in the town of Washington between the ages of six, -6 and twenty-one -21 years shall be admitted into said schools free of tuition charges, and those desiring admission into said schools as pay students may be admitted upon such terms as the board may determine.

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