1899 public laws – Ch. 561 Sec. 2

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CHAPTER 561 An act to incorporate the Slater Industrial and State Normal School of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. WHEREAS, it appears to the general assembly that under and by virtue of articles of incorporation, signed by 8 G. Atkins and others, filed and recorded in the office of the clerk of the superior court of Forsyth county, North Carolina, on the twenty-eighth day of September, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and on the same day said persons, their associates and successors, were de- elared by the clerk duly incorporated in pursuance of law, as eontained in chapter sixteen of The Code, under the name of the Slater Industrial Academy, and that said institution is possessed of vaiuable Jands, dormitories, shops and a large and commodi- ous building thereon, situated near the corporate limits of Win- ston Salem, North Carolina, and that the same has been provided and equipped for industrial and normal training of students and teachers of both sexes for the colored race; and WHEREAS, by different acts of the general assembly of North Carolina the same has been recognized, established and supported as one of the state normal schools for the colored race; and 5 WHEREAS, it appears that a more perfect and comprehensive plan of incorporation is required to provide for the proper growth and government of the same; therefore be it enacted and The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the purposes of said Slater Industrial and State Normal School shall be as follows: For the instruction of youth ef the colored race in the various common school, academic and eollegiate branches, the best methods of teaching the same and 48 the best mode of practical industry in its application to agrioultural and mechanic arts; and for the carrying out of these purposes the said trustees may establish any departments or schools in the said institution and issue any scholarships, certificates and diplomas and confer any degrees of merii and honor which they may determine upon, and to these ends cooperate with other institutions of like character.

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