1899 public laws – Ch. 732 Sec. 28

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CHAPTER 782 An act to revise and consolidate the public school law. T he General Assembly of North Carolina do enact :

The school committe of each district is required to furnish the county superintendent of schools a census report of all the pupils of school age in their district, by name, age, sex and race; also name of parent or guardian, and the blanks upon which said reports are to be made shall be furnished to the various school committees by the county superintendent of schools on the first Monday in August in each year, which report shall be duly verified under oath by at least one member of the committee and returned to the county superintendent of schools on or before the first Monday in October each year, and any committee failing to comply with the provisions of this section without just cause shall be subject to removal. The district committee shall give the same information at the same time to the township school trustees; and the said committee shall also report to the county superintendent of schools the number of public school houses and the value of all public school property for each race separately and furnish to the teacher at the opening of the school aregister containing the name and age of each pupil of school age in that district.

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