1899 public laws – Ch. 732 Sec. 42

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CHAPTER 782 An act to revise and consolidate the public school law. T he General Assembly of North Carolina do enact :

It shall be the duty of the county superintendent of schools in each county on or before the first Monday in July of every year toreport to the state superintendent of public instrue tion an abstract statement of the number, grade, race and sex of the teachers examined and approved by him during the year; also the nuinber of public schools taught in the county during the year for each race; the number of children of school age in each schoo! district. the number enrolled in each district, and the average daily attendance in each district by race and sex. He shall also report by race and sex the number of pupils of each race enrolled in all the schools; their average attendance, the average length of terms of said schools, and the average salary respectively for the teachers of each race; the number of school districts for each race and any new school districts laid out during the year shall be specified in the report. He shall also report the number of public school houses and the value of public school property for each race; the number of teachers institutes held, and the number of teachers that attended such institutes, together with such suggestions as may occur to him promotive of the school interests of the county. The county superintendent of schools shall record in his book an accurate copy of his report to the state superintendent of public instruction: Provided, that if any county superintendent of schools fails or refuses to perform any of the duties required of him by this act he shall be subject to removal of his office by the county board of school directors upon the complaint of the state superintendent of public instruction.

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