1901 private laws – Ch. 100 Sec. 106

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Cuarter 100 AN ACT TO AMEND, REVISE AND CONSOLIDATE THE STAT- UTES THAT CONSTITUTE THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF ASHEVILLE. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact: Secrion J. That the inhabitants of the city of Asheville shall be and continue as they have heretofore been a body politic and corporate, and henceforth the said corporation shall bear the name and style of City of Asheville. and under that name is hereby invested with all the property and rights of property which now belong to the present corporation of the city of Asheville, or to the inhabitants thereof in their corporate capacity under any other corporate name or names heretofore used; and by the cor- porate name of City of Asheville may purchase and hold for purposes of its government, welfare and improvement, all such property and estate, real and personal, within or without said city, as may be deemed necessary or convenient therefor, or as may be conveyed, devised or bequeathed to it, and the same may, from time to time. sell, dispose of and re-invest, as shall be deemed advisable by the proper authorities of said corporation.

Said schools shall be separated and kept separate in such manner that only white children shall be admitted to the white schools, and other children to other schools, and the said school committee shall be the exclusive judges of whether or not any applicant for admission to any of said schools is entitled to enter or attend the same under the provisions of this section.

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