1901 public laws – Ch. 4 Sec. 64

Source: model and expert

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CHAPTER 4 An Act to Revise and Consoliaate the Public School Law. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Every teacher or principal of a school to which aid shall be given under this act shall keep a daily record of the attendance of pupils. At the end of every term every principal or teacher of a public school shall report to the County Superintendent of Schools the length of term of school, the race for which it was taught, the number, the sex, and average daily attendance of the pupils, and the number of the district in which the school is taught, the number of children on census blank not attending any school this year, number of children under seventeen years of age not attending any school; state some causes why they do not attend, how many families having children of school age did not send any of their children to school, how many families did; state what personal effort you have made to get these children to attend school; number of children studying primary arithmetic, number studying intermediate arithmetic, number studying advanced arithmetic, number studying primary geography, number studying intermediate geography, number studying language lessons, number studying elementary English grammar, number studying higher English grammar, number studying elementary history of North Carolina, number studying advanced history of North Carolina, number studying elementary history of United States, number studying higher history of United States, number studying elementary physiology and hygiene, number studying advanced physiology and hygiene, number studying civil government, number studying Latin, number studying algebra, number studying higher English. Teachers shall file with their Registers at the end of the school term an accurate record of the promotion, advancement, and classification of every child attending the school just closed.

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