1901 public laws – Ch. 4 Sec. 71

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CHAPTER 4 An Act to Revise and Consoliaate the Public School Law. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

In every incorporated city or town in which there is not now levied a special tax for schools, upon a petition signed by one-fourth of the freeholders therein, the Board of Aldermen or Town Commissioners of said city or town shall, at the date of municipal or general election next ensuing upon the presentation of said petition order an election to be held to ascertain the will of the people whether there shall be levied in such city or town a special annual tax of not more than thirty cents on the one hundred dollars valuation of property and ninety cents on the poll to supplement the Public School Fund in such city or town. Said election shall be held in the different election precincts or wards under the law governing municipal or general elections in said cities or towns. At said election those who are in favor of the levy and collection of said tax shall vote a ticket on which shall be printed or written the words, For Special Tax, and those who are opposed shall vote a ticket on which shall be printed or written the words, Against Special Tax. In case a majority of the qualified voters at said election is in favor of said tax the same shall be annually levied and collected in such town or city in the manner prescribed for the levy and collection of other city taxes. All moneys levied under the provisions of this section shall, upon collection, be placed to the credit of the Town School Committee, composed of not less than five nor more than seven members, appointed by the Board of Aldermen for said city or town, and shall be, by said committee, expended exclusively upon the public schools in said city or town, and there shall be but one school district in the said city or town in which there may.be established one or more schools for each race, and the School Committee shall apportion the money among said schools in such manner as in their judgment will equalize school facilities.

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