1901 public laws – Ch. 421 Sec. 4

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CHAPTER 421 An act te establish high schools in Wesley Chapel School District of Union County and for otber purposes The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That if a majority of the qualified voters of said school district shall vete For Schools the county authorities of Union County, legally authorized to levy taxes, shall, in addition to other taxes laid upon property in said school district, annually compute and levy, at the time of levying other taxes, a sufficient special tax upon the property and polls of the white and colored persons of said school district to raise such a sum of money as the trustees hereinafter named of said school district shall deem necessary, and shall report annually to said authorities, to support and maintain said schools, which sum shall not be less than fifteen cents on one hundred dollars worth of property and forty-five cents on the poll, nor more,.than fifty cents on the one hundred dollars worth of property. and one hundred and fifty cents on the poll annually of white and colored persons in said district. Said trustees hereinafter mentioned, shall immediately after the elections herein provided for, report to the county authorities empowered to levy taxes . what sum said trustees deem necessary to support and maintain said school during the first year, and annually thereafter said trustees, thirty days prior to the time for levying county taxes. shall report to said authorities what sum of money is necessary to support said schools during the next year. And the taxes for the support of said schools shall be annually collected as other taxes are collected and paid over by the Sheriff or other collecting officers to the County Treasurer, which officers shall give good and sufficient bonds to be approved by the said commissioners for the safe keeping and proper distribution of said taxes, and the taxes levied and collected for these purposes shail be kept separate and distinct from other taxes by the officers in charge and shall be used only for the purposes for which they were levied and collected, which shall be for the purposes of establishing, maintaining and supporting white and colored schools in said district, and for this purpose the trustees hereinafter named shall have full power and authority to purchase or condemn land for such purpose and hold the same in trust, . and may convey such lands as is held by them in trust when deemed by them to the best interests of said school districts, and may erect such buildings as in their opinion are necessary for said schools. i

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