1901 public laws – Ch. 497 Sec. 8

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The chapter text below is provided for context. Scroll down to see the text of the law.

CHAPTER 497 ~.. An act to establish graded schools in the town of Greenville, N. C. Wye The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That all children within the limits of the district herein described who are entitled to attend the public schvols shall be admitted into the said graded schools free of charge: Frovided always, that the whites shall attend the school provided for them and the negroes shall atte.. the school previded for them: Provided further, that if there shall be so Tew children of either race in the district that the Board of Trustees shall deem it inadvisable to organize a school for that race, then they shall have power to arrange for the children of the race which shall be so represented to receive their pro rata proportion of the funds so raised by the special tax herein provided for in some other manner, or they may give such pro rata proportion to the public schools for that race adjoining the district herein described: Provided further, that the said Board of Trustees of the graded school shail have power to admit children to the graded schools herein constituted who reside outside of the said graded school district upon such terms as they may deem fair and just.

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