1903 public laws – Ch. 340 Sec. 4

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CHAPTER 340 AN ACT TO ESTABLISH GRADED SCHOOLS {N PLYMOUTH. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the Sheriff shall pay over to the Treasurer of the town of Plymouth all moneys collected under said act, who shall keep a separate book and account of same and shall pay the same out for the purposes of the said schools on the order of the Chairman of Board of Trustees, who shall be appointed by the Board, and the said Treasurer shall enter into bond before receiving the said money, and at the end of each term shall render a full report to said Board. That the Chairman of said Board shall preside at the meeting of the Board and shall have a casting vote in case of a tie. The said Board shall elect a principal for said schools and as many teachers as shall be necessary and fix the salaries of the same, and the principal of the white school shall be required to examine also the condition of the colored school from time to time and report the same to the Board and make such recommendations as he may think needful. He shall be required to report on the condition of his said school to the Board of Trustees, a copy of which shall be annually certified to the Board of Education of the State as the Board may deem just and necessary. Any teacher or principal may, for inefficiency of service, be removed by the Board. The said Board shall be a body corporate under the name of The Board of Trustees of Plymouth Graded School, and entitled to sue and be sued in law or in equity, and shall, by the consent of the Board of Aldermen of the town of Plymouth and by assignment from them, succeed to any and all rights in law or equity that said Board of Aldermen may possess for the purpose of obtaining and having possession of any building for the purpose of said school, and any action that may be commenced by them for this purpose shall be brought in any county in the First Judicial District of this State as the said Board may elect and shall stand for trial on the docket of said Court at the return term of the summons, provided the same has been served thirty days before the call of said case for trial, and shall take precedence of all civil causes at said term. The said Board of Trustees shall consist of seven, who shall be in favor of public education, to be elected by the said Board of Aldermen on ist Monday in June, 1908, two for six years, two for four years and three for one year. They shall be called together by the Chairman as often as the necessities of the said schools shall demand, and shall serve without compensation. They may require the Sheriff to collect and pay over as much as one-fourth of the said taxes within thirty days from the time the books shall come to his hands. They and their successors may have and use a corporate seal, and shall have power to own and hold real and personal property, sell and convey the same and receive grants and donations and to prosecute and defend actions and pay the expenses of the same from the fund accruing to said schools in the hands of the Treasurer. It shall be their duty to establish schools for each race separately and apart (provided the levy herein authorized shall be sustained by: a majority vote at the election aforesaid) on or before the first Monday in October, 1903, or ag soon after any election herein authorized as practicable, and shall apply the said funds to the support of the said schools relatively in such manner as may be just to each race, due regard being had to the cost of supporting each in a practical and efficient manner.

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