1905 private laws – Ch. 82 Sec. 8

Source: model and expert

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Said registrars shall be furnished by said board of aldermen with registration books, and it shall be the duty of said registrars to open their books at such places in the city of Winston as Inay be designated by said aldermen, on the second Tuesday in April next preceding the election, and to register therein the Names of all persons applying for registration and entitled to register and vote in the ward for which such registrar has been appointed, keeping the names of the white voters separate and apart from those of the colored voters, and designating on the registration books opposite the names of each person registering the place of his residence in his ward; and if any applicant for registration shall not disclose the place of his residence in his ward, his willful failure so to do shall be prima facie evidence that he is not entitled to register in such ward. Any person offering to register shall be required to take an oath that he has been a bona fide resident of North Carolina for two years, of the city ort Winston and of the ward in which he proposes to register for ninety Gays next preceding that date, and that he has not been convicted of any crime which by the laws of North Carolina disqualifies him from voting. In said oath he shall specify the place of his residence in such ward. If any person shall willfully swear falsely in such affidavit he shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and on conviction thereof be punished as for larceny: Provided, that after the first registration shall have been made, as provided for herein, a new registration shall not be biennially held unless the board of aldermen shall at their regular meeting in December determine that the same is necessary, and by due advertisement give notice of the same and the place where the books of registration shall be opened; but a revision of the registration books shall be made, beginning on Saturday next preceding each election to be held for said city, in accordance with the provisions of the general law.

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