1905 public laws – Ch. 213 Sec. 2

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CHAPTER 218 AN ACT TO COMPEL ATTENDANCE OF INDIANS AT SCHOOL. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That all children within said boundary are hereby compelled to attend school at least nine months in each calendar year between the ages of seven and seventeen years: Provided, the government of the United States shall furnish said schools with all proper facilities, together with board, clothing, books, medicine, medical attendance and other necessary expenses : Provided further, that nothing in this act shall compel any sick or otherwise disabled child, or any child who is sole person or necessary for the care or waiting on of any sick parent, or for other legal or lawful excuse, to attend said school: Provided further, that nothing in this act shall prevent the proper school authorities from excusing any child from the provisions of this act, when in their judgment they deem it necessary: Provided further, that this act shall not apply to children in said boundary attending some other school for a like time and period.

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