1907 private laws – Ch. 188 Sec. 11

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CHAPTER 188 AN ACT TO ESTABLISH GRADED SCHOOLS IN CAMERON DISTRICT, GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP, MOORE COUNTY, AND TO LEVY A SPECIAL TAX FOR THE ESTABLISHING AND SUPPORT OF THE SAME. ' The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact: : Section 1 That all the territory in Greenwood Township, Moore County, and in the town of Cameron, embraced within the fol- owing boundaries is hereby constituted a public school district or white and colored children, to be known as the Cameron raded School District: Beginning at the ford of Herds Creek, etween Angus Fergusons and George Coles, and running as the oad in an easterly direction to G. S. Coles line; thence as G. 8S. oles and Matthews line in the direction of Cameron to J. W. ows southwest corner; thence as Yows line to his and Rachel lues corner in Hartsells line; thence with Hartsells line in the irection of Cameron to William Rogers corner in the Cat Tail ranch; thence with the branch, which is Rogers line, to the eith line; thence with Rogers line in an easterly direction cross the Crains Creek and across the Seaboard Air Line Rail- ad to Rogers corner; thence with the railroad and Rogers line Crains Creek: thence up the creek to T. B. Goodwins corner mn said creek; thence with his line to the southwest corner of ohn MeDonalds land; thence with his line to the southwest corner of the John Kelleys land; thence with the south line of e Kelley land to the Fergus Ferguson land; thence with the south and east line of the Ferguson land to the Fayetteville road; ence as Fayetteville road in the direction of Cameron to wanns Station road; thence as Swanns Station road in the direc- on of Swanns Station to a point in the road opposite where the ichardson dwelling was burned; thence as the road leading om said point by way of Mrs. Elizabeth M. McFaydens farm, in westerly direction to N. T. Arnolds, on Gulf plank road; thence as said road to George Browders mill; thence as the road leading i vrester's direction to N. T. Arnolds, on Gulf plank road; thence is Said road in the direction of Gulf about one-fourth mile to road ding to old Carthage plank road; thence as said road in the rection of Carthage to ford on Herds Creek near Mrs. Belle Mc- ers; thence down said creek to the beginning.

It shall be the duty of the said board of trustees to establish and keep up a public graded school in said district for the white children, and one for the colored children of said district; and the said board shall use and appropriate the funds derived from the said special taxes and from all other sources, and shall be just and equitable to both white and colored races, giving each equal facilities, having due regard, however, to the relative cost of keeping up and maintaining the graded schools for both races.

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