1907 private laws – Ch. 343 Sec. 74

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CHAPTER 343 AN ACT TO REVISE THE CHARTER OF THE TOWN OF LUMBERTON. Whereas, numerous acts have been heretofore enacted by the General Assembly of North Carolina relating to the town of Lum- berton, which now constitute the charter of said town; and whereas, it is deemed advisable by the authorities and citizens of said town that the numerous acts of assembly relating thereto should be revised, consolidated and amended to the end that the charter of said town shall be contained in one act of the General Assembly: therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Any and all amounts which may be apportioned from the county school fund or from the State of North Carolina for Said district under the general school law of the State or under any other act of assembly or otherwise, shall be hereafter paid direct by the county treasurer to the treasurer of the said board of graded school trustees; and the said graded school district shall be entitled to receive a proportionate amount of all funds to the credit of the public school districts, white and colored, in which the town of Lumberton was located just prior to the pasSage of this act, which may be in the hands of the county treasurer at the time of the ratification of this act, such proportionate part of said funds to be determined in accordance as the number of children contained in the graded school district hereby established bears to the total number of children in the public school district in which said town of Lumberton was located just prior to the passage of this act, and the county treasurer shall at once ascertain such proportion and pay over such proportionate part of such funds to the treasurer of the said graded school district.

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