1909 public laws – Ch. 281 Sec. 26

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CHAPTER 281 AN ACT TO IMPROVE THE PUBLIC ROADS OF WAKE COUNTY. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

It shall be the duty of the sheriff of the county to furnish in July of each year a list of all persons who have not paid their poll tax for the preceding year by said time to the board of road trustees of the several townships, who shall cause all such persons to be warned for work upon the public roads at such time and piace as they may see fit, and give to such at least three days notice by leaving written notice at the home or place of residence, specifying the time and place when such work is to be performed: Provided, that any person may in lieu of such work pay to the sheriff of the county, before the day on which he is summoned to work, his poll tax and costs incurred. Any person summoned to work the roads shall not be worked with convicts, and whites and blacks shall be worked in separate squads. No person shall be worked on the roads more than five miles from his place of residence.

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