1911 public laws – Ch. 122 Sec. 17

Source: model

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CHAPTER 122. AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A REFORM AND MANUAL TRAIN- ING SCHOOL FOR COLORED YOUTHS. Whereas it appears to the General Assembly that there are in this State many negro youths between the ages of seven and six- teen years who violate the criminal law, and that while such youths should be detained and punished and taught the doctrine of religion, good morals, and how to work, it would be to the best interest of such youths and criminals that they be not associated with older and more hardened criminals, but that they should be kept separate therefrom : The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the trustees or the superintendent of the Reform and Manual Training School for Colored Youths may in their judgment discharge such criminal youths that may have been admitted into the Reform and Manual Training School by and with the consent of the parents, guardians, or trustees, when it appears to them that the boy or girl has undergone a complete reformation, and shows signs of thrift, industry, and usefulness, and to become a good and useful citizen.

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