1913 private laws – Ch. 305 Sec. 3

Source: model

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CHAPTER 305 AN ACT TO INCORPORATE A BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION KNOWN AS THE GREAT POSTOLIC TEMPLE. Whereas Clara E. Wiggins, G. A. Purvis, Ulysses S. Martin, J. C. Gorham, Cherry Bryant, Dellah Rodman, N. W. Cotton, Abraham Swindell and Percy Stevens, in conjunction with others, have joined together in an effort to organize a lodge for beneyo- lent purposes, to care for its members by providing medical atten- tion and nurse, and for the care and education and general uplift of coming generations of the colored race, and for said purposes deem it wise that the said parties and their successors in office should be incorporated : The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the said incorporation shall have the right and power to establish a juvenile lodge for the care, protection, and education of children of the colored race, under such by-laws, rules and regulations as may be adopted.

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