1915 private laws – Ch. 105 Sec. 1

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CHAPTER 105 AN ACT TO AUTHORIZE THE DISINTERMENT AND RE- MOVAL OF CERTAIN DEAD BODIES FROM THE PRIVATE PROPERTY OF R. O. COTTER, IN SMITHFIELD, AND THE REINTERMENT THEREOF IN THE TOWN CEMETERY. Whereas a number of dead bodies, comprising largely members of the family of the late John Thomas, colored, were years ago buried on a quarter of an acre lot near the present residence of R. O. Cotter, at Smithfield; and whereas the lands of said R. O. Cotter wholly surround said private burial ground, which con- stitutes a serious objection to the said Cotter family ; and whereas there is situate in said town a public burial ground for colored people, adjacent to which the said R. O. Cotter has conveyed and sold to the proper authorities a quarter of an acre of land suitable for the interment of the dead bodies aforesaid: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That R. O. Cotter, of Smithfield, is hereby authorized to disinter and remove all dead bodies and the remains thereof from the private lot or burial ground situate near his residence, and wholly surrounded by his lands in Smithfield, and decently bury and reinter the same in the lot aforesaid adjoining the cemetery for colored people in Smithfield.

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