1917 public laws – Ch. 146 Sec. 8

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Said Board of Examiners and Institute Conductors shall plan, direct, and the six members of the board designated herein as institute conductors shall conduct, biennially in each county in North Carolina a county teachers institute for not less than two weeks for the public school teachers of said county, at such time and place therein as may be designated by said board, having due regard .in fixing the time and place to the convenience of the teachers and the recommendations of the county board of education and county superintendent. All public school teachers of the State, rural and urban, including all public high school teachers, principals, supervisors, and superintendents, are hereby required to attend biennially some county institute continuously for two weeks or some summer school for teachers accredited by said board, continuously for one entire term of such summer schools, unless excused from attendance by said board for sickness evidenced by the certifigate of a physician, or for other cause adjudged by the board to be providential. Failure to attend such institute or accredited summer school, unless so excused, shall debar any person so failing from teaching or supervising in any public school, high school, urban or rural, until such person shall have attended some county institute or summer school as herein required; and said board is authorized to cancel the certificate of any person failing to comply with the provisions of this section. Said board shall provide for separate county institutes for the teachers of each race, and is further authorized to provide for joint county institutes for two or more counties for the teachers of either race, and to provide for holding the county institute of any county in which an accredited summer school is conducted in conjunction with said summer school. Said board is hereby authorized to employ competent negro teachers to assist in conducting the county institutes for negro teachers and to fix their compensation, which shall be paid out of the funds provided in this act. That the schedule of institutes shall be arranged annually so as not to interrupt the regular session of the public schools, rural or urban, in any county, except with the consent of the county board of education, or the trustees of urban schools operated under special charters.

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