1919 public local laws – Ch. 549 Sec. 11

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CHAPTER 549 AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A REFORMATORY FOR A MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR THE DETENTION OF THE CRIMI- NAL YOUTH OF BUNCOMBE COUNTY. WHEREAS, it appears to the General Assembly that there are in the county of Buncombe a number of youths between the ages of seven and sixteen years who violate the criminal law, and that while such youths should be detained and punished, and at the same time taught the doctrines of religion, good morals and in- dustry, it would be to the best interest of such youths and ex- pedient that they be not associated with older and more hard- ened criminals, but that they be kept separate, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That in the event the governing body of said insti- .tution shall determine to accept colored children in the same, they shall provide suitable quarters for them, which shall in no event be nearer than one-half mile to the school established for white children. The white children and colored children shall at all times be kept and worked entirely separate and by separate officers: Provided, however, that one superintendent may have general supervision over both schools; but the advisability of having one or two superintendents shall be and remain in the discretion of the governing board of said institution.

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