1921 extra public laws – Ch. 70 Sec. 2

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CHAPTER 70 AN ACT TO AUTHORIZE THE GOVERNOR AND COUNCIL OF STATE TO APPLY THE FUNDS APPROPRIATED TO A REFORMATORY FOR THE NEGRO RACE TO THE COLORED OXFORD ORPHANAGE AT OXFORD, NORTH CAROLINA. Whereas the General Assembly of North Carolina at the regular session of one thousand nine hundred and twenty-one appropriated the sum of ten thousand dollars annually for the support and maintenance of the Colored Reformatory or the Colored Industrial and Training School; and, Whereas the General Assembly has also appropriated the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars for the erection of a building for such reformatory or training school, the location of the same to be decided upon; and, Whereas the location of the said reformatory has not been decided upon and the said reformatory has not been constructed and cannot be constructed for some time; and, Whereas the Oxford Colored Orphanage at Oxford, North Caro- lina, is now taking care of certain negro boys and girls who can- not properly be disposed of by the court under present conditions : Therefore, eS ee ee The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the Governor and Council of State may only order the funds so appropriated to be applied to the Oxford Colored Orphanage until the Colored Reformatory or Colored Industrial Training School shall be located and constructed.

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