1923 public laws – Ch. 162 Sec. 6

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CHAPTER 162 AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR A BOND ISSUE FOR THE PER- MANENT IMPROVEMENTS OF THE STATES INSTITU- TIONS. Whereas the States educational institutions and the State's charitable institutions are inadequate to meet the demands of the people of the State, and it is necessary that the States institutions be permanently enlarged and improved in order that they may properly be sufficient for the purpose of their creation, and adequate to the demands and necessities of the people of the State; and Whereas it is necessary to open certain inlets and to encourage the fish industry of North Carolina: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The proceeds derived from the sale of said bonds shall be used for the permanent improvement and equipment as hereinafter set out for the following institutions of the State, and in the following amounts, to wit: State Hospital, Raleigh, N. C. ~——-_———- $ 394,000.00 State Hospital, Morganton, N. C. ~—————– 415,000.00 State Hospital, Goldsboro, N. C. ~—————– 313,000.00 Caswell Training School (to complete a plant to care for 400 inmates, and to. provide for the payment of outstanding notes in the amount of $75,598.00 incurred on a previous building ac- @OUNT)) iW l20 oe Sete eee ee ee ee 500,000.00 School for the Deaf at Morganton ~————– 23,000.00 School for the Blind and Deaf at Raleigh_——-_- 326,000.00 State Sanatorium for the Treatment of Tuberculosis__ 219,000.00 Orthopedic Hospital _.._._–_-_-2.—————– 25,000.00 Stonewall Jackson Training School plant for 400 Students)i4;=22s2etscathos eet ae Se 135,000.00 Home and Industrial School for Girls and Women (plant for 350 students) ~—~–YY nS ath ater ates oh 232,500.00 Colored Reformatory and Training School. (In lieu of $25,000.00 provided in chapter one hundred sixty-five, Public Laws of one thousand nine hundred and twenty-one) ~——————— $ 50,000.00 SOMES MElOM Gs. = 2 oot Oe tere ee ee ee ee 5,000.00 University of North Carolina ~_______—__—–_— 1,650,000.00 State College of Agriculture and Engineering ____~_- 1,350,000.00 North Carolina College for Women ___~_-_——— 1,350,000.00 East Carolina Teachers College _-_-_————— 1,025,000.00 The Negro Agricultural and Technical College __— 455,000.00 Board of Education for Teachers Training School __~ 1,194,000.00 Distribution of Appropriation for Teachers Training Schools to be as follows: Slater Normal School, Winston-Salem ~__-_-_-_— 173,000.00 Negro Normal School, Elizabeth City, N. C.—— 178,000.00 Negro Normal School, Fayetteville, N. C. ———- 123,000.00 Cherokee Indian Normal ___-_–____—_——_— 37,000.00 Appalachian Training School _——————-_ 300,000.00 Cullowhee Normal and Industrial School ~__—– 388,000.00 Total for Teachers Training Schools ___—_- $1,194,000.00 School Buildings for Cherokee Indians, to be expended under the direction of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, for the purpose of building, equipping, repairing and enlarging school buildings for the Indians of Robeson County at the Dial School in Saddle Creek Township, Prospect School, Green Grove School, Laurel Institute, also called Union Chapel, and such other schools for the Indians in Robeson County as may be directed by said superintendent, including the purchase of lands and other equipment for said schools _-__–_—= NS ala cpeph Se EL SE 30,000.00 Completion and equipment of the Agricultural building, and the remodeling of the State Museum buildingequipment to include furnishing of the Legislative committee rooms ___———– 100,000.00 Permanent office equipment for the Library Commission’s: ,OfiCes 2-222 2-Feb 522 5.224 fs Seo ete 8,000.00 For Eastern Carolina Industrial Training School — 25,000.00 Additional story, to Agricultural building to provide for offices for Department of Revenue __-___-_– 125,000.00 Fisheries Commission -___-_–_-__–_—_———- 500,000.00 (Or so much thereof as may be necessary to open inlets, plant oysters, build hatcheries, provide equipment, and for such other necessary improvements of the fish and sea-food industry of the State). To provide buildings for the criminal insane if removed from the State Penitentiary as provided in House Bill 596, Senate Bill 98 (now pending) : State Hospital, Raleigh —.—_-_._—_————- $ 50,000.00 State Hospital, Goldsboro ~__———————- 50,000.00 To provide buildings for prisoners and employees quarters at the Caledonia farm _~______——_— 50,000.00 To build sanatorium for tubercular prisoners as provided in House Bill 1010, Senate Bill 94 (now pending! 22-22-22 2.8 eS eee 50,000.00

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