1924 extra public laws – Ch. 75 Sec. 1

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CHAPTER 75 AN ACT TO PLACE ON THE PENSION ROLL OF NORTH CAROLINA THE NAMES OF JOHN HUGHES AND VIRGIL DODSON, COLORED, OF CASWELL COUNTY. Whereas John Hughes, colored, of Caswell County, went to the Civil War with the Milton Blues, under the command of Major L. H. Hunt, of Milton, N. C., and served during the four years of the war as cook, body guard, and laborer, and is now about eighty- four years of age and totally unable to work, and has no property from which to derive any support; and Whereas Virgil Dodson, colored, of Caswell County, served as cook and body guard to General 8 D. Ramseur during the Civil War, and was with him on the field of battle at the time he was shot and mortally wounded, and conveyed him from the field and nursed him until his death; and Whereas the said Virgil Dodson is now about eighty-four years old, is unable to work, and has no means of support: Now, there- fore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That John Hughes, colored, of Caswell County, and Virgil Dodson, colored, of Caswell County, in consideration of the services rendered by them to the Confederacy during the Civil War, are hereby placed on the pension rolls of North Carolina as fourth-class pensioners.

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