1925 private laws – Ch. 103 Sec. 1

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The amendment to the charter of the city of High Point, proposed by a resolution of the city council of said city and approved by a majority of the votes cast at an election held in said city on the sixth day of May, nineteen hundred and seventeen, pursuant to part seven of chapter one hundred and thirty-six of the Public Laws of nineteen hundred and seventeen, is hereby ratified and confirmed and made an amendment to said charter, said amendment being as follows: (a) That paragraph forty-one of section twenty-six of the charter of said city, as amended by chapter one hundred and sixtynine of the Private Laws of nineteen hundred and fifteen (constituting paragraph forty-one of section twenty-six, page fortytwo, of said charter as published by the city council of said city in nineteen hundred and fifteen), be stricken out and repealed; and (b) That section twenty-two of the charter of said city, being section twenty-two of chapter three hundred and ninetyfive of the Public Laws of nineteen hundred and nine (constituting section twenty-two on page twenty-three of said charter ag published in nineteen hundred and fifteen), be amended so as to read as follows: Sec. 22 Public free schools. The city of High Point shall constitute an independent public school district, for both white and colored, to be known and designated as the High Point graded school district, subject to the general laws of the State, except where in conflict with this act, and the city shall have authority to levy and collect taxes and appropriate funds for the support and maintenance of the public schools within its limits. School commissioners. Five commissioners shall constitute the school board of said city, as constituted and established under the public laws of one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, chapter three hundred and ninety-two, one from each ward, and one at large and shall be appointed by the city council and shall have entire and exclusive control of the said school property, and shall employ and fix compensation of officers and teachers, and shall do all other acts that may be necessary, just and lawful for the successful management of the said graded schools: Provided, that the city council at its first meeting in June, nineteen hundred and nineteen, shall appoint one member for one year, one member for two years, and one member for three years, one member for four years, and one member for five years; and all vacancies caused by death, resignation or in any other manner shall be filled by appointment in the same manner for the unexpired term. The regular terms of members of the school board shall be five years, and the regular appointment of members shall be made at the first meeting of the council in June of each year or as soon thereafter as practicable, and the necessary number of school commissioners shall be appointed to take the places of those whose terms have expired. How funds are to be paid out. No school funds shall be paid out except upon payrolls or warrants signed by the chairman of the school board; no member of the school board shall receive any compensation for his services in any capacity whatever nor be interested directly or indirectly in any contract with or claim or demand of any character against the school board of the city of H_gh Point, except the treasurer of the school board, whose compensation shall be fixed by the school board. Any such contract, claim or demand shall be void, and any member of the said board who shall become interested in any such contract, claim or demand, or shall buy or sell any school warrants or obligations of said school board, shall be subject to removal by the city council. Financial statement of school board. It shall be the duty of the school board to make a financial statement to the mayor of the city on or before the first day of June of each year, giving a full and complete report of their operations for the previous year. The provisions of chapter three hundred and ninety-two of the Public Laws of one thousand eight hundred and ninetyseven, amended by chapter two hundred and seventy-nine, Public Laws of one thousand nine hundred and one, shall be considered a part of this act.

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