1925 public laws – Ch. 274 Sec. 1

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That Mrs. Laura F. Stylon, Mrs. Maria Gooding Whitehurst, Mrs. Ellen E. Hill and Mrs. Mary C. Hargett, of Craven County; M. M. Wilson, of Transylvania County; Mrs. Mary Mathias and Mrs. Florence Cagle, of Jackson County; Mrs. Emily Paul and Mrs. Abbie Hamilton, of Carteret County; Calvin Reaves, of New Hanover County; Mrs. Elizabeth Rebecca Brown, of Pitt County; and Mrs. Julia Bland and Mrs. Ellen Hill, of Pitt County; Mrs. Ella Pease and Mrs. Margaret Watkins, of Granville County; Mrs. Cordia Crowder, of Cleveland County; A. A. Combs, of Tyrrell County; and Thomas Barnes, of Tyrrell County; Mrs. Eliza Chastain, of Swain County; Mrs. Martha Thomas, of Lee County; Mrs. Cora H. Fitzgerald, of Johnson County; Mrs. Alcesta B. Whitehead, of Perquimans County; Mrs. Martha E. Hyde, of Graham County; Mrs. James T. Davis, of Orange County; Mrs. Lou Carter Gordon, of Edgecombe County; Elmina Cline, of Swain County; Mrs. Claude E. Mills, of Rowan County; Mrs. Martha Hall, of Swain County; B. Frank Brown, of Henderson County; Mrs. Martha Jarvis, of Currituck County; Mrs. Julia Ellen Malpass, of Pender County; Mrs. Mahala Shelton, Ann Kirkpatrick, Sarah Boyd, Rowena Rodgers, Mrs. Joseph Mann, Alice Bennett, of Haywood County; Caleb Lauder, Sr., colored, of Lincoln County; Mrs. Clennie White, of Pasquotank County; Mrs. Henrietta Bell, of New Hanover County; Mrs. Mollie E. Cox, of Currituck County; Samuel O. Jackson, of Franklin County; Rachel R. Cathey, of Buncombe County; -.Joshua Glover, of Chatham County; Mrs. Cornelia Atkins, of Stanly County; Martha E. Crow, of Yancey County; Mrs. A. M. Galloway, of Transylvania County; Blount Carr, colored, of Pitt County; Sarah Bryant Parker, Blanche Williams, Mary L. Simmons and Mary Hester Howard, of Edgecombe County; C. H. Hardin and Mrs. Sarah J. Caudel, of Randolph County; Isabella C. Britt, of Edgecombe County; P. H. Morris, of Randolph County; Abner Phelps and Lee Hensley, colored, of Caswell County; T. B. Reid, of Transylvania County; Mrs. Henry Burress, of Haywood County; A. J. Keith and Mrs. Margaret McLean, of Moore County; Susan Bevill, of Rockingham County; James E. Hatley, Israel B. Little, J. Wesley Whitley, Caleb F. Dry and D. S. Talbert, of Stanly County; George White, of Buncombe County; Mary H. Vick, widow of Vick, a Confederate veteran of Cumberland County; Caswell Johnson, of New Hanover County; Dr. R. Hicks, of Rutherford County; Andrew Walker, Charles Horton, Abram Norman and George Smith, of Washington County; Thomas B. Caudill and Mattie Horton, of Wilkes County; L. C. Lewis, High Point Township, Guilford County; J. C. Mangum, of Hoke County; Lucy Johnson Lawrence, of Edgecombe County, be and are hereby placed on the pension roll for their respective counties, in the fourth class: Provided, that the names of those placed upon the pension roll, either by virtue of this or any special act during the session of one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five, be referred to the State Board of Pensions, which shall have full power to investigate and to remove from said pension roll any one who in their judgment should be removed for any cause: Provided further, all pensions hereby allowed and provided for shall be payable only after investigation and report by the local county pension boards to the effect that each of said applicants is in fact an ex-Confederate veteran or the wife of such; and is entitled to a pension under the pension laws of the State.

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