1927 private laws – Ch. 14 Sec. 3

Source: model and expert

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That on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March, nineteen hundred and twenty-seven, and biennially thereafter, am election shall be held in the city of Gastonia for the election of said board of school commissioners. Any person desiring to become a candidate for election to such office must at least ten days before such election, file written notice of his intention to become such candidate with the secretary of said board and at the same time pay to him the sum of five dollars which shall be paid over to the treasurer of said board, It shall be the duty of said board to declare at what place or places elections shall be held in said city; and they shall give due notice of the establishment of said voting place or places by publication in some newspaper published in said city for four consecutive weeks before the election. The said board of school commissioners shall appoint two judges and a registrar for said election, and shall give notice of registration by causing publication to be made at the same time and in the manner prescribed for notice of said election, giving in said notice the name of said registrar and the place of registration. The said board of school commissioners shall furnish said registrar with registration books, and it shall be the duty of the registrar, for four consecutive Saturdays next preceding the election, between the hours of seven oclock a.m. and seven o’clock p.m.,-to open the registration books at such place or places as has been advertised as aforesaid, and to register therein the names of all persons applying for registration and entitled to register and vote, keeping the names of the white voters separate and apart from those of the colored voters: Provided, however, that the registrar, after said registration books have been opened and before the same are closed according to law, may in his discretion, register persons applying for registratiom and entitled to register and vote, at other times and places than the time and place mentioned in said advertisement or notice. The qualifications for voting in said election and the oath to be taken shall be the same as prescribed by law for the general municipal election in the city of Gastonia. It shall not be required or necessary to have a new registration under this act, but the registration books of the city of Gastonia shall be used and the registration as now in force and effect under the laws of North Carolina applicable to the city of Gastonia, or ordinances of said city in furtherance of said laws, shall be in full force and operation, and such books may be revised so as to show an active list of electors previously registered and still residing in said city without requiring said electors to be registered anew: Provided, however, that the board of school commissioners may at any time order a new registration. The said registrar and the two judges appointed as above set forth shall compose the judges or inspectors of election to open the polls, receive and deposit the ballots im the boxes provided for that purpose, and to superintend and have control of the voting.

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