1945 session laws – Ch. 459 Sec. 7

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CHAPTER 459 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN INSTITUTION FOR THE CARE OF FEEBLE MINDED NEGRO CHILDREN IN NORTH CAROLINA. WHEREAS, pursuant to a joint resolution of the General Assembly of one thousand nine hundred and forty-three, the Governor appointed a commission composed of Honorable Thomas OBerry, Chairman, Honorable K. A. Pittman, Honorable W. Frank Taylor, Honorable Robert P. Burns, and Honorable Charles F. Honeycutt, to inquire into the conditions, care, treat- ment, and training of the negro feeble minded in the Goldsboro State Hospital for the Insane, and other similar institutions of the State, with the view of ,recommending a program for the care and training of the feeble minded negro children, to the end that they might be placed under the supervision of people skilled in giving the right kind of care and treatment to such children, and investigate the advisability and possibility of se- curing additional facilities for institutional care and treatment of such children; and WHEREAS, the said committee, after having fully complied with the intent of said resolution, has made its report to the Governor, revealing that there are some one thousand feeble | minded negro children in the State in need of hespital care or training, and recommending that a suitable hospital for the treatment of such children be built near the site and in con- junction with the State Hospital for Negroes at Goldsboro, sufficient to take care of at least six hundred patients, reference to which re port is hereby made for more detailed recommen- dations; and WHEREAS, it is the desire of the General Assembly of North Carolina that the recommendations of said committee be sub- stantially complied with as early as feasible: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The purpose and aim of the Negro Training School for Feeble Minded Children is to segregate, care for, train, and educate, as their mentality will permit, the mental defectives among th negro children of the State; to disseminate knowledge concerning the extent, nature, and menace of mental deficiency and initiate methods for its control, reduction, and ultimate eradication and to that end, subject to such rules and regulations as the board of directors may adopt, there shall be received into said school feeble minded and mentally defective children of the negro race under the age of twenty-one years when, in the judgment of the board of directors, it is deemed advisable. Application for the admission of a child must be made by the father if the mother and father are living together, and if not, by the one having custody, or by a duly appointed guardian or by the superintendent of any county home or by person having management of any orphanage, association, society, childrens home, or other institution for the care of children to which the custody of such child has been committed, in which event the consent of the parents shall not be required. The applications for admission must be approved by the superintendent of public welfare and the judge of juvenile court of the county wherein the applicant resides.

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