1945 session laws – Ch. 504 Sec. 6

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CHAPTER 504 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A HOSPITAL FOR THE TREATMENT OF CHILDREN AF- FECTED WITH SPASTIC AILMENTS. WHEREAS, in compliance with a request of the Governor of North Carolina, a commission composed of Dr. Lenox D. Baker, Dr. J. S. Gaul, Dr. W. M. Roberts, Dr. Ellen Winston, Honor- able Thomas OBerry, and Honorable George Ross Pou investi- gated the need of an institution for the treatment of children af- fected with cerebral palsy (spastic) ailments and has made their report to the Governor, recommending the establishment of such a hospital to be operated separate and distinct from any institution for the treatment of the feeble-minded or insane; and WHEREAS, it appears from said report that there are over one thousand children in the State suffering from spastic ail- ments and that the interest of the State would be best served by a hospital being established for the treatment of such cases: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The board of directors shall appoint a superintendent of the institution, who shall be a person of professional training and experience in the care and treatment of spastic ailments, and may fix the compensation of the superintendent, subject to the approval of the Budget Bureau, and may discharge the superintendent at any time for cause.

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