1961 session laws – Ch. 21 Sec. 33

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CHAPTER 21 AN ACT PROVIDING RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS HELD IN THE CITY OF GASTONIA. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact: That all elections held in the City of Gastonia shall be held under the following rules and regulations:

Ballots; Printing, Delivery, Accounting For, ete. The City Clerk shall cause to be printed by at least six days prior to the election the official ballots for the election, which shall contain the names of all candidates for election to each coffice who have filed as hereinbefore provided, or the questions or propositions to be voted on, which shall be printed on white paper with black ink and in a number at least equal to the registered voters of the City. Sample ballots of the official ballots shall be printed 24 in black ink on colored paper and with the words, sample ballot printed conspicuously thereon, and shall be printed in such number as the City Clerk determines necessary to distribute for instructing voters. The City Clerk shall cause to be delivered to the registrar for each election precinct at least one day before the election ballots equal at least in number to the voters registered in that election precinct, which shall be packaged and each package shall have written or stamped thereon the number of ballots contained in each package, and the registrar shall not open or unpackage said ballots until the date of the election and except at the polling place, and the registrars shall be responsible to safeguard the same until the election. Upon delivery of the ballots, the City Clerk shall cause to be obtained a receipt therefor from each registrar. Upon completion of the election each registrar shall return to the City Clerk all used ballots, as well as all unused and spoiled ballots, and shall render a full accounting of all ballots over his signature showing the number of ballots received, number used, number spoiled, etc. Upon the close of the counting of ballots as herein provided, the registrar shall replace the said ballots in the official ballot box, lock the same, and deliver it to the City Clerk.

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