1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.12 Sec.1


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(a) The Board of Elections of Harnett County shall conduct a special election on Tuesday, April 4, 1967 for the purpose of submitting to the qualified voters of the area hereinafter described as the proposed corporate limits of the Town of Erwin the question whether or not such area shall be incorporated as the Town of Erwin, as provided in this Act. On such day, the polls shall be open from 6:30 A. M. until 6:30 P. M. Except as otherwise provided in this Section, such special election shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of law applicable to county elections. (b) A new registration of all qualified voters in the described area shall be conducted for the purpose of registering the names of those who desire to vote in such special election, and in the first election of Town officials in the event the special election results in incorporation. The registration book for such new registration shall be open from Friday, March 17, 1967 through Friday, March 24, 1967, excluding Sunday, and shall remain open on each day from 9:00 A. M. until 5:00 P. M. On Saturday, March 18, 1967, the book shall be kept at the polling place. On other days during the registration period, it may be kept at the registrars home or place of business, or at the polling place, as designated in the notice hereinafter required. Saturday, March 25, 1967 shall be challenge day. (c) The Harnett County Board of Elections shall, not later than Wednesday, March 1, 1967, appoint a registrar and two judges of election, and designate a polling place for the special election. (d) Not later than Friday, March 3, 1967, the Harnett County Board of Elections shall cause to be posted at the Erwin Post Office, at the Erwin Fire Station, and at such other public places as the Board may choose, a notice stating the time, the polling place, and the purpose of the special election; the names of the registrar and judges of election; the dates, hours, and place or places of registration; the date, time, and place for challenges; that the registration is a complete new registration for the special election and for election of Town officers if the special election results in incorporation; that, subject to a favorable vote upon the question of incorporation, the election of Town officers will be conducted on Tuesday, May 2, 1967; and that, subject to a favorable vote upon the question of incorporation, candidates for election to Town offices on May 2, 1967, must file with the Board notice of candidacy not earlier than Wednesday, April 5, 1967, and not later than 5:00 P. M. on Friday, April 14, 1967 The Board of Elections may, in its discretion, also cause such notice to be published one or more times in a newspaper having general circulation in the Erwin community. (e) In the special election, those voters who favor the incorporation of the Town of Erwin as provided in this Act shall vote a ballot upon which shall be printed the words: FOR Incorporation of Town of Erwin, and those voters who are opposed to the incorporation of the Town of 42 Erwin as provided in this Act shall vote a ballot upon which shall be printed the words AGAINST Incorporation of Town of Erwin.

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