1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.186 Sec.1


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CHAPTER 186 AN ACT TO CREATE THE NORTH CAROLINA CANCER STUDY COMMISSION. WHEREAS, the Commission to Study the Cause and Control of Cancer in North Carolina was created by Joint Resolution 34 of the 1957 Session and its existence continued by Joint Resolution 78 of the 1959 Session, Joint Resolution 70 of the 1961 Session, Joint Resolution 49 of the 1963 Session, and Joint Resolution 29 of the 1965 Session of the General Assembly; and WHEREAS, this Commission has gathered valuable information and statistical records, which information has been and will be of great value to this and future Legislatures as demonstrated in its report to the Governor; and WHEREAS, it is desirable to make this Commission a permanent Study Commission: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

There is hereby created the North Carolina Cancer Study Commission, which shall be composed of 20 members appointed by the Governor. Ten members shall be persons chosen from the medical profession and 10 members shall be persons not associated with the medical profession. Members shall be appointed for terms of two years, beginning July 1, 1967 Vacancies by death, resignation or otherwise shall be filled by persons appointed by the Governor for the unexpired term. Any public 223 officer appointed to the Commission shall serve ex officio in addition to his duties imposed by law. The Commission shall elect one of its members as Chairman and such other officers as the Commission deems necessary.

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