1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.438 Sec.1


The chapter text below is provided for context. Scroll down to see the text of the law.

CHAPTER 438 AN ACT AUTHORIZING THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF LINCOLN COUNTY TO EXPEND FUNDS FOR POLICE PROTEC- TION ALONG THE SHORES OF LAKE NORMAN AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. WHEREAS, Catawba Springs Township in Lincoln County has ap- proximately 25 miles of shore on Lake Norman; and WHEREAS, there are numerous homes in said Township fronting on Lake Norman which are often unoccupied and unprotected, especially during the winter months; and WHEREAS, the County Commissioners of Lincoln County desire to increase the police protection afforded the owners of property in Catawba Springs Township fronting on Lake Norman and the other property owners of said Township; and WHEREAS, the Constable of Catawba Springs Township has hereto- fore cooperated with the officials of Lincoln County in patroling the shores of Lake Norman and in traffic control at the Rock Springs School in Catawba Springs Township, for which services said constable has heretofore received no compensation; and WHEREAS, the Commissioners of Lincoln County wish to insure the providing of additional police protection for property owners in Catawba Springs Township and the proper control of traffic at Rock Springs School: Now, therefore, 449 The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The Board of Commissioners of Lincoln County are hereby authorized to appropriate out of the General Fund of the County, for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1967, and for each fiscal year thereafter, a sum, not to exceed three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) in any fiscal year, to be used to provide police protection and traffic control in Catawba Springs Township. Said Commissioners are authorized to use said sums in providing compensation and uniforms for the constable of Catawba Springs Township.

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