1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.65 Sec.1


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CHAPTER 65 AN ACT TO CREATE THE GOVERNORS COMMITTEE ON LAW AND ORDER. The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

There is hereby created the Governors Committee on Law and Order, the membership on which shall consist of the following: The Governor of North Carolina, The Attorney General, The Director of the State Bureau of Investigation, The Commissioner of Revenue, The Commander of the Highway Patrol, The Director of the Department of Administration, The Chairman of the North Carolina Good Neighbor Council, The Adjutant General of the North Carolina National Guard, The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, One District Solicitor to be appointed by the Governor. 101 In addition, the Governor shall select a representative of the North Carolina Sheriffs Association and a representative from the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police, and two alternates from each said Association, the Governors selections being made in each case from a list of not less than six -6 recommendations which each Association shall make to the Governor not later than July 1 of each year. The representatives and alternates shall serve for terms of one -1 year from the date of their appointment, but shall be eligible for reappointment by the Governor. All other members shall serve during the tenure of their public office. The Governor may also assign such members of his staff to the Committee as he may deem proper, who shall serve at his pleasure. All the members of the Governors Committee on Law and Order shall serve ex officio and shall perform their duties on the Committee in addition to their regular duties imposed by law. The Governor shall be Chairman of the Committee, except that in the event he shall deem it advisable, he may name another member of the Committee to serve as Chairman at the pleasure of the Governor.

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