1965/66/67 session laws – Ch.1 Sec.1


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CHAPTER 1 AN ACT RELATING TO TEMPORARY COURTHOUSE QUARTERS FOR WAKE COUNTY PENDING THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW COURTHOUSE. WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Wake County proposes to construct a new courthouse and jail; and WHEREAS, it will be necessary to demolish the existing courthouse in order to build the new courthouse on the same site; and WHEREAS, this will necessitate securing temporary quarters for court- house purposes: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

The Board of County Commissioners of Wake County is hereby authorized to secure by lease or otherwise and provide necessary temporary space for courthouse purposes and jail purposes pending the demolition of the present courthouse and the construction of a new courthouse and jail. Such quarters so provided may be designated by said Board of Commissioners as the Wake County Courthouse and the Wake County Jail, respectively, and the said board shall cause a bulletin board to be placed in a lobby or room in such temporary courthouse quarters and to designate the same as the Wake County Courthouse bulletin board. Wherever any statute or court order permits or requires that any legal notice, document, map or other paper or process posted at the courthouse door or on the courthouse bulletin board, it shall be deemed a full compliance with the law to post the same on the temporary courthouse bulletin board herein above provided for. Whenever any sale is required to be held at the court house or courthouse door or courthouse steps, it shall be deemed a full compliance with the law to perform such act at such door of or other place in the temporary courthouse quarters or the building where the courthouse quarters are located, as the Board of County Commissioners shall designate. It shall be lawful to hold in courtrooms provided in same temporary courthouse quarters all sessions of court and any and all other hearings which are required to be held at the county courthouse. Such temporary courthouse quarters as the Board of County Commissioners may designate shall, for all purposes of law, constitute the Wake County Courthouse. The quarters so designated are not required to be located in a single building but may be located in one or more buildings. 35

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