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That chapter three hundred and forty-seven of the Private Laws of one thousand nine hundred and thirteen be amended as follows: (a) By adding after the word beginning in section one of said act, page one thousand and fifteen, line six, the following: But excepting from the foregoing boundaries that portion thereof lying on the east side of Joes Creek. (b) By striking out the name of W. F. Parker in section five of said act, as one of the trustees, and inserting in place thereof the words, such other third trustee as the two aforesaid trustees may select. (c) By changing section thirteen of said act so that the same shall read as follows: That the board of trustees herein provided for shall locate and erect the new school building for the white race at Rockdale Springs, or at such other place as said trustees may select: Provided, that this act shall be ratified by a vote of the qualified voters, to be determined by majority of votes cast in the district described in chapter three hundred and forty-seven of the Private Laws of one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, under the registration taken and in force at the time of the election held under the provisions of chapter three hundred and forty-seven of Private Laws one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, and the election herein provided for shall be ordered by the county commissioners of Scotland County and held in the same manner and under the same rules and regulations as are provided in chapter three hundred and forty-seven, Private~Laws one thousand nine hundred and thirteen.

1913 private laws – Ch.133 Sec.1
Source: model

That the board of education of Madison County is hereby empowered to establish a new school district for the white race, to be known as the Brooksville School District, to include the territory embraced within the following boundary lines, to wit: Beginning at the Jefferson Moore farm on Long Mountain and runs east, crossing Spring Creek, to the top of the mountain which divides the waters of Spring Creek and Doe Branch; thence with the top of said mountain a northerly course to a high knob near Benjamin Anderson’s house; thence a westerly course, crossing Spring Creek, to a point on the Spring Creek Road near the reservoir; thence a straight line to the top of the mountain; thence with the top of the mountain to a high knob near Noah Wardrupes house; thence a straight line to the beginning.

1913 private laws – Ch.126 Sec.1
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That the board of commissioners of Columbus County, upon a written application of a majority of the board of trustees of the Tabor Supplemental School District, Number Eleven, for the white and colored races, hereinafter called the Tabor District, is authorized and directed to submit, on the first Tuesday in January, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, to the qualified voters of said Tabor District, under such rules and regulations as now exist or may be hereafter established for the election of members of the General Assembly, the question of issuing bonds for the erection of a suitable school building in said district, to take the place of the present building, which is inadequate for present needs, and at such election each voter shall be entitled to vote a written or printed ballot with the words For Building Bonds or Against Building Bonds thereon.

1913 private laws – Ch.106 Sec.1
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That section one of chapter three hundred and sixty-two of the Public Laws of one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine be repealed and the following substituted in lieu thereof: The town of Maxton and vicinity as embraced in the following description, except such part thereof as lies in Scotland County, is hereby constituted a special school district for both white and colored schools: Beginning on Lumber River where the public road leading from Maxton to Harmony Schoolhouse crosses the same and runs down the various courses of said Lumber River to H. C. MacNairs eastern corner; thence running with his southern line to the bridge over the public road leading from Maxton to Lumberton, about two hundred and fifty yards below H. C. MacNairs residence; thence running with the line of the lands belonging to the estate of W. S. MacNair to his southern corner; thence running a direct line to Rachels Pond, J. W. Carters line; thence running with J. W. Carters line to Shoe Heel Creek; thence up the various courses of Shoe Heel Creek to a point one-quarter of a mile above the public road leading from Laurinburg to Campbells Bridge where the same crosses Shoe Heel Creek at Rocky Ford; thence running parallel with said public road leading from Rocky Ford to Campbells Bridge, onequarter of a mile north of the same, to Lumber River; thence running down the various courses of Lumber River to the beginning.

1913 private laws – Ch.96 Sec.1
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That the surviving trustee, D. M. Hines, be and he is hereby authorized to convey by deed said lot of three and onehalf acres upon which said academy building is situated, to the trustees of the Milton Graded School District and their successors in office, to be used by said trustees and their successors perpetually for a free school for the white race for the town of Milton and vicinity, and the funds arising from said sale to said trustees shall be used to place said building and property in repair.

1913 private laws – Ch.82 Sec.1
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It shall be the duty of the said board of trustees to establish and keep up a public graded school in said district for the white children of said district, and said board of trustees shall have entire and exclusive control and management of the public school interests and property in said Vass Graded School District, and shall prescribe rules and regulations for their own government and for the government of the schools, not inconsisthe. | pes a ent with the provisions of this act; shall employ and fix the compensation of officers and teachers of the graded school; shall make an accurate census of the school population of the district, as required by the general school law of the State, and shall do all other acts that may be just and lawful to conduct the public school affairs in said district: Provided, that all children resident in said district, between the ages of six and twenty-one years, shall be admitted into said school free of tuition charges; and those desiring admission into said school as pay students may be admitted upon such terms as the board of trustees may determine.

1913 private laws – Ch.67 Sec.7
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That the special-tax school district of McNeills Township, Moore County, heretofore known and designated as School District Number One for Whites, embraced within the following boundaries, shall be and is hereby constituted a graded school district for white children, to be known as Vass Graded School, to wit: Beginning in the center of Lower Little River where the Moore and Hoke County line crosses said river, and runs up with the various courses of the river to the mouth of Rocky Branch; thence up the various courses of Rocky Branch to the head, or to line of Lucy McDonalds land; thence around with the eastern boundary of her land to the road leading from her house to Muddy Spring; thence with said road to Muddy Spring; thence down the various courses of Muddy Spring Branch to Cranes Creek; thence . down the various courses of Cranes Creek to the county line; ; thence as it (the county line) to the beginning, excepting thereE from the following parcels of land, to wit: thirteen acres of land described in a deed executed to A. Cameron by L. BE. Ellis, sixteen acres of land described in a deed executed to Wesley Fry by J. A. Leslie and A. Cameron, a certain lot of land described in a deed executed to Abram Freeman by Daniel Cameron and wife, twenty-one acres of land described in a deed executed to John G. McCrimmon by J. A. Leslie and A. Cameron, one acre of land described in a deed executed to William Terrell by J. M. Tyson and wife, ten acres of land described in a deed executed to Oliver Hanna by J. A. Leslie and A, Cameron, a tract of land described in a deed executed to Isaac Sellers by J. A. Leslie, four acres of land described in a deed executed to Daniel McCrimmon, John Johnson, and Council McKeithen by J. M. Tyson and wife; and two acres of land described in a deed executed to Mrs. Miles Dixon by the Moore County school board of education.

1913 private laws – Ch.67 Sec.1
Source: model

That upon a majority of the qualified voters residing in the following described territory, which includes Special-tax District Number One, for white race, in Thompson Township as formerly known, but now known as Rowland Township, Robeson County, hereinafter described, all in the county of Robeson, voting in favor of the special tax and bonds hereinafter provided for, the name of the said district included in. the territory hereinafter described shall be changed, and a taxing district to be known and designated as Rowland Graded School District shall be and is hereby created, and the boundaries of said Rowland High School District shall be as follows: Beginning at the State line at Lone Home and runs with the Harleesville and Lumberton Road (the township line) to Ashpole Swamp; thence with Ashpole Swamp to the Hargroves Ford; thence with that road to J. B. Lewis cross-road ; thence with Echo Road to W. D. McPhails; thence with road to W. C. Williams; thence a straight line as road runs by C. D. Smiths house to State line and with State line to the beginning.

1913 private laws – Ch.50 Sec.1
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That W. R. Cox, James L. Crouse, Joseph H. Armfield, Samuel Thompson, and Annie L. Hollady and their successors be and are hereby declared a body politic and corporate under the name and style of The Apostolic Holiness University, an institution of learning for the intellectual, moral, religious, and industrial development and training of boys and girls of the white 1913Cuarrter 47 [| Extra race, said university to be situated in Greensboro, North Carolina, Guilford County, conducted under the auspices of the Apostolic Holiness Church. This institution under the aforesaid name and style shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, and shall be able in law to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, contract and be contracted with; shall receive, take, and possess all moneys, goods, chattels, and bonds or other property which may be given them, and shali apply the same according to the desires of the donors to the purpose herein declared; and they shall have power by purchase or otherwise to take, demand, hold and possess rents, lands, machinery, appliances, tenements and hereditaments in special trust and confidence, and apply the same, together with the benefits arising therefrom, for the use or support of said institution.

1913 private laws – Ch.47 Sec.1
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That the said library for the colored race shall have a separate board of managers, to be appointed in the manner hereinbefore provided.

1913 private laws – Ch.29 Sec.3
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