1913 private laws – Ch.82 Sec.1

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CHAPTER 82 AN ACT TO AMEND CHAPTER 126 OF THE PRIVATE LAWS OF NORTH CAROLINA, AT SESSION OF 1823, BEING AN ACT TO INCORPORATE THE MILTON MALE ACADEMY, AUTHORIZING THE SURVIVING TRUSTEES TO CONVEY THE SITE OF MILTON MALE ACADEMY TO THE TRUS- TEES OF MILTON GRADED SCHOOL DISTRICT. Whereas the Milton Male Academy in the town of Milton was duly incorporated by an act of the General Assembly of North Carolina, ratified at its session of eighteen hundred and twenty- three, and said corporation thereunder was duly organized by trustees named in said act to operate a school for the benefit of the town of Milton and vicinity; and whereas all of the trustees of said corporation named in said act chartering said corporation are now dead, and all of the trustees appointed to succeed them have died except D. M. Hines; and the only property of the said corporation now consists of about three and one-half acres of land upon which stands the school building, and it is greatly in need of repairs, and the trustee has no means of making said repairs or of improving the building; and whereas the surviving trustee is anxious to have it repaired and to continue its use as a school building for the people of Milton and the vicinitythe original purpose for which it was given; and whereas there has been and is now a good graded school carried on in said building under an act of the General Assembly of one thousand nine hundred and nine, Private Laws, chapter one hundred and eighty-seven, enti- tled An act to establish a special school district in Caswell County to be known as Milton Graded School, and it is desired by the trustees of said graded school and the citizens of Milton that this lot and building shall become the property of the public school authorities of the Milton Graded School, to the end that the build- ing be repaired and additions be made thereto from time to time as may be necessary to accommodate said graded school for the white race: Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

That the surviving trustee, D. M. Hines, be and he is hereby authorized to convey by deed said lot of three and onehalf acres upon which said academy building is situated, to the trustees of the Milton Graded School District and their successors in office, to be used by said trustees and their successors perpetually for a free school for the white race for the town of Milton and vicinity, and the funds arising from said sale to said trustees shall be used to place said building and property in repair.

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